Comes the Cold Dragon

Tatsu-RanmaIt's the aftermath of the failed wedding. Ranma is hurt badly and is in Tofu's clinic recovering, but it will take a while. Akane is a bit stressed out and taking it out on the morning brigade at school. Tofu is worried about Ranma, though; apparently, he's exhibiting the signs of combat fatigue. The thought of a martial artist of his caliber going berserk is frightening, but how to remove the stress from his life so that he can recover? In addition, Ranma has manifested a new ki-ability, that of being able to suck all the heat out of an area around him. He doesn't even realize he's doing it! Of course, having another voice in your mind isn't going to help any. Something's got to give…



Don has also written up his translation notes into a series of PDF files, which you can download here.


“I do not speak Japanese, nor do I actually read it. I DECODE it. That is to say, I sit down with the Japanese text and look up every word in dictionaries and other reference works. My grip on Japanese grammar is not very tight. For that matter, my grip on English grammar could stand considerable improvement. Having said all that, I have worked hard at getting these translations as correct as I could with the tools I have available. Be advised that interpretation is different from translation. When interpreting dialogue, I tried to take into account both the character's emotional state as well as the overall spirit of the piece as I wrote out the English dialogue, while at one and the same time trying to avoid straying away from the raw translation. How well I have succeeded in all this is for the reader to decide. Caveat emptori!” - Don Granberry

The Musk Incident 1 Visitor at the Cat Cafe (Vol 24 Part 1)
The Musk Incident 2 The Wild Kingdom (Vol 24 Part 2)
The Musk Incident 3 Lost Divided Secret Treasure(Vol 24 Part 3)
The Musk Incident 4 Open Air Spa Woman of War (Vol 24 Part 4)

Don's Artwork

haabu01.jpgPrince Haabu, Ruler of the Musk!
teppou.jpgThe “gun bean” vine from Vol. 34.
dreadisle.jpgDread Island

Fan Art

colddragonranm.jpgTwo views of Ranma
Thanks to Megan for this wonderful drawing.
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