Comes the Cold Dragon

Don Granberry

Chapter 13b


Most of the characters in this piece and the setting for it were conceived of by Rumiko Takahashi for her Ranma 1/2 series of Manga. All such characters and the setting are the property of Takahashi-sensei and her licensees. All other characters, except those noted below, are purely fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Special thanks to Karaoki for her advice on this section of Part XIII. June is not one of my regular pre-readers, but I turned to her for help on certain parts and she has been very generous with her time.

For my pre-readers, again thank you for your hard work. I know that the longer this thing has gotten, the more difficult it has been for all of us and believe me, your patience with me is greatly appreciated.

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As soon as he realized that Akane was not in any danger, Ranma began trying to damp the adrenaline rushing into his bloodstream. His efforts toward self-control were frustrated as the soft folds of Akane's yukata slowly began sliding down her naked form. He could hear the sibilant sigh of soft cotton brushing against her bare skin. The lantern Akane had chosen was doing its job perfectly, revealing some details and half-hiding others in soft warm shadows. Her breath was coming in short shallow gasps, and he could see that her nipples were painfully erect. A blush began at the base of her throat and was rapidly spreading upwards into her cheeks and downwards across her pert little breasts. He suddenly wanted her so badly that his teeth ached.

Then the alarm bells in the back of his mind went off, and he tried to change forms. Much to his shock, nothing happened.

"Don't you dare change on me, Ranma," Akane said.


Ranma tried to invoke the change again, but to no avail.


"Don't you even think about it!" Akane said. It was not a request this time. Her voice had the same tone she used just before snatching a mallet out of thin air.



(Red, where ARE you?)



Akane smiled, as she very deliberately let her eyes wander over his body. Ranma followed her glance and realized that there his boxers were not really hiding anything. He was fully erect, his manhood straining against his tented shorts. He looked up, only to find that Akane had shifted her gaze and was now focused upon his face. Much to his shock and amazement, Akane did not, at this moment, look that much different from the time when she had been possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance Doll. Her eyes seemed to be burning with feverish intensity and held a sensuality that did not seem humanly possible.

"Akane...are you sure you're all right?"

"Oh, I'm very, very sure, Ranma," Akane whispered, then gave him what seemed to be a cruel smile.

"Well, I..."

Ranma quit trying to speak as Akane stood up on her tiptoes and stretched. He let his eyes wander over her body and realized that not only had she bathed again, she had shaved everything. The sight of her bare and pouting sex sent an electric thrill through his body. She was blushing between her legs with anticipation and excitement.

Akane noticed his reaction and pursed her lips as she stared at his crotch. She wriggled her body, then knelt down beside her fiance.

"I think these are just going to get in the way, Ranma," Akane said as she slid her fingers beneath the elastic of his waistband. "Raise up a little."

"Akane, I don't know that I'll..."

She pulled at his waistband with both hands. He raised his hips a little and his shorts slid off quite easily. Ranma's ample manhood, now free from restraint, rocked back until the head of it covered his naval. Akane shivered as she finished sliding his shorts down the length of his legs. She threw them across the room.

"Put your legs together, Ranma," Akane said in a feverish whisper. "I want to feel you inside me."



(Help me!)

"I'd like that, too," Ranma said in a squeaky whisper, as he put his legs together. Akane straddled him on her knees while taking his dick in her left hand. He watched with growing anticipations as Akane reached between her legs with her right hand, and began to probe her soft folds with her fingers. "I know I'm ready, Ranma, but I want to go slow, okay?"

Ranma nodded his head, "I understand, Akane," he said, "Take your time. I won't move until you tell me."

"Promise?" Akane asked. "You're awfully big for a girl's first lover."

"Yes," Ranma said. "I've been worried that we'd never be able to do this."

"I made up my mind that I would find a way two days after I saw you in the bath."

Ranma's mind began to race through all the implications of that and almost missed what Akane did next. She tilted her pelvis, thereby angling her pert little sex forward so that he could see it. Her labia were now a very bright pink, and they were partially open towards the back. She held onto the base of his penis with both hands and began rubbing the head of it against the folds of soft warm flesh hiding her clitoris. After a few such strokes, she began to give out little gasps as though in pain, and her hips began to convulse involuntarily. The third time she convulsed, her body swallowed the head of his dick. Ranma was shocked at how velvety warm and smooth the inside of his fiancee felt. She stared at him with burning eyes.

Akane froze her self in place and gave out a loud moan.

"Oh, I've been dreaming of this, but it's so big!" Akane whimpered.

Ranma began having trouble holding himself still. His hips wanted to swing upwards, burying his heels in the futon and shoving his throbbing shaft deep into Akane's body. Mustering all the self-control he could, he forced himself to lay still and wait.

Akane began to give little jerks with her hips, sliding down a little farther on Ranma's shaft with each quiver. The tight, moist warmth of her allowed Ranma to feel each and every spasm as her muscles shivered from the odd mixture of fear and overwhelming desire. He wanted to scream for release, but bit his lower lip instead.

Nabiki was very frustrated. She had put the diamond back in its bag, then put it back in its place beneath her pillow. The trouble was, she could not find what she had been looking for originally, her tiny little vibrator. All she managed to find was the silly purple penis thing one of her minions had picked in Shibuya for Ranma and Akane. Nabiki had wanted to settle her needs and go to sleep, not take her own virginity with some silly piece of plastic.

"Oh, well!" Nabiki muttered to herself. "Guess I'll have to take care of it the old fashioned way."

She gently slid her hand down between her legs and probed inside her moist curls with a finger.

"Oh! Oh, that won't be so bad. I guess I was little readier than I thought."

As the tension in her body built, she caressed her right nipple with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand.

"Mmmm, this would be a lot more fun if I had a guy doing it for me," Nabiki whispered.

Things were fairly well along, and the muscles in her cunt had finally begun to spasm pleasantly when she heard Ranma cry out as though he had just stepped on a nail. She gasped and forced three of her fingers deep inside of herself and held them there. She took a deep breath, then laughed hysterically. Much to her amazement she could feel her muscles clamp down on her fingers.

"So, it felt that good, did it, Ranma baby?" Nabiki asked in a whisper as she moved her fingers in and out of her body.

She glanced over at the purple plastic phallus and shook her head.

"No way!" She said to herself. "I am NOT that silly."

But, the damned thing just lay there on the side of her futon. She tried to ignore it, but the knowledge of its availability kept tickling the fringes of her consciousness. She began sliding her fingers in and out of her body with more vigor, wishing to gain her full release and go to sleep. It came with a sudden flow of excess fluid as her abdominal muscles and hips went into hard spasms. Nabiki gave several sharp little gasps of pleasure, then stopped playing with herself. She wondered briefly what would happen in some distant future when her body reached its natural peak, and her partner was not ready to stop.

"That might kill me," she said with a little laugh as she stretched her back and adjusted her covers. Her left hand brushed against the phallus.

"Oh, go away, you!" Nabiki said. She picked the thing up and started to hide it behind her pillow, but the messages coming from her hand bypassed her brain and tingled the rest of her body. Her nipples crinkled up tight and she could feel a surge of sincere interest between her legs. Whoever had made the damned thing had gone to quite some lengths to give it a realistic feel.

With a sigh of resignation, Nabiki rolled off her left side and back onto her back. She held the toy up so that she could see it in the dimly lit room.

"The color is awful," she muttered. "It looks like a big piece of grape candy."

She had grasped it around its lower half with her left hand. She gave it a little squeeze. The upper half expanded when she did so. Nabiki giggled and gave the thing another squeeze. She caressed the upper half gently with her right hand, then shivered.

The futon made a double popping noise as Nabiki slammed her arms and hands down. She let go of the phallus and crossed her arms beneath her breasts.

"I am NOT going to play with that thing," Nabiki said as she closed her eyes. "I am not THAT desperate."

One of Ranma's louder whimpers echoed its way down the hall, and the muffled sound of it teased her hearing. She began thinking of the dream she had about herself and some nameless male lying on a blanket beneath a cool clean sky and how badly she had wanted to make him whimper in just that way by using her tongue. She shivered.

Nabiki gritted her teeth in frustration. She was happy for Akane and jealous of her all at one and the same time. She would love to be the one making Ranma whimper from sensory overload tonight. The man had just made them all millionaires with a single day of work. Well, no, that wasn't quite true. Ranma had swum across an ocean of pain, boredom and danger to reach this level of skill. He had been injured countless times in his short life. The truth was: he had earned this night. He deserved to be whimpering from sensory overload. Nabiki just wished that she could be the one making him whimper and curl up into a little knot. She caught herself fantasizing about how his semen would taste.

"Sweet and salty, I'll bet," Nabiki whispered.

Slowly, inexorably, as though she had no control over them, the fingers of her left hand began caressing the purple phallus. She took it in hand and gave it a squeeze. The way it yielded in her grip made her shiver. With a frustrated growl, she raised it up before her so that she could look at it again. A huge flock of butterflies swarmed around in her stomach as she felt that pleasant, melted open sensation between her legs. She shivered involuntarily.

"Damn you, Saotome," she whispered to the phallus. "I am the Ice Queen. I'm not supposed to be reduced to this."

Then Ranma's words came back to her, reminding her of how it felt to have her breasts pressed against the warm living steel of his chest. "No one can keep that shit up forever, not even me," Ranma had said. She remembered how the words seem to vibrate in her chest as he spoke, and how his rough palms caught on the material of her blouse as he caressed her back.

"Oh!" Nabiki cried out. Quite without meaning to, she had begun diddling her distended clitoris with the fingers of her right hand. "Oh, what the hell! It does look like candy."

Overwhelmed by the desire to take Ranma in her mouth, she began lapping at the glans of the purple plastic penis. She stopped as soon as she realized what she was doing and giggled at herself.

"Nabiki, you're being silly," she whispered, "but it feels sooo good!"

"Oh, I've been dreaming of this, but it's so big!" Nabiki heard Akane say as her younger sister's hoarse whisper drifted into the room.

Nabiki's hips began to buck, desperately trying to press her tingling clitoris against her own intruding fingers.

"Not enough," Nabiki whispered, "It just isn't enough!"

Ranma placed his hands on Akane's hips and this helped her to calm down enough to relax. The monstrous great thing that had slid part way into her body no longer seemed quite so invasive. She bore down upon it with a little more weight and stopped to shiver again. It was exquisitely gratifying and terrifying all at one and the same time. She decided to squeeze it as hard as she could, as though trying to force it out of her body. This made Ranma shudder, and she could feel his heightened excitement as it made his great cock throb inside her body. Suddenly, her inhibitions flew away as though they had never existed. She wanted this. She wanted all of him pushed up inside of her. With another involuntary shiver, she slid down the length of his thick, pulsing shaft until her pubic arch ground against his. She gasped as her distended and hypersensitive clitoris came into contact with his hair.

Akane clamped herself around Ranma's throbbing manhood as tightly as she could, then ground her tingling clit against the padded bone that joined Ranma's thighs. She bit at the side of her right index finger to stifle a scream of ecstasy.

"Oh! OH! touched my heart...Oh, Ranma!" Akane cried out with a trailing whimper as she fell forward and pressed her breasts against his heaving chest.

"I love you, Ranma," Akane whispered hoarsely. Hot, stinging tears rolled out of Akane's eyes and splashed on Ranma's chest.

Ranma massaged her hips with his powerful hands and whispered back, "And I love you, Tomboy."

"I'm...Ranma? Ranma, I'm...I'm...going, I'M GOING!" Akane cried out as she began to thrash. Ranma kept massaging her, passing his hands up and down her rib cage and rubbing her back before running them down and squeezing the hard little cheeks of her ass. This caused her to orgasm again.

"Oh," Akane whimpered. "I'm going again."

Ranma arched his back thereby easing his penis out a little way, then thrust it back into her body. Akane suddenly realized, to her combined horror and delight, that Ranma could now do anything he wanted and she would let him. He continued to stroke in and out of her, slowly and gently at first, but slowly increasing the length and power of each move. Akane could feel her body resisting as he withdrew, then struggling to open wide for him as he returned.

She became aware of a change in him. His breath was becoming short and the throbbing in his manhood was faster and more pronounced. It dawned on her that Ranma was reaching his peak.

Akane pushed herself up and off Ranma's chest and sat up on her knees, then forced all her weight down upon his thighs so that he could not thrust in and out of her.

"Be still, Ranma," she whispered. "Let me make you go, please? Pretty, please?"

Ranma, unable to speak, simply nodded his head.

Akane held him in place with her weight for a few moments, delighting in the pulsing, jerking great thing she had captured with her body. She waited until she could feel the stiffness of it abate a little, then began slowly to slide up and down its length. She had to arch her back in order to get the head of it out to her entrance. Once it had reached this point, she would swing her hips forward and slowly settle downwards, delighting in how it pulsed and jerked as she encouraged her slippery warmth to swallow its entire length by slowly settling her weight. She rode it up, then down, up then down. Ranma groaned aloud.

Nabiki slipped the head of the phallus inside herself and groaned. She held it there, not really wanting to penetrate herself with it any further. After all, it was not just her body. Someday this part of her body would belong someone else. She snorted in disgust at this old-fashioned thought.

"Too bad, Bubba. You should've been here tonight!"

She applied a steady pressure to the thing, forcing it to slide inside of her. It met no hard resistance. She had lost her hymen trying to learn the hapkido kick. Even so, this was a new experience for her and she took her time. She marveled at how badly and for how great a time she had been longing for this very thing. Her tunnel had been aching to be filled, and now it was responding by opening itself up in a way that Nabiki had not thought possible. She pushed the shaft farther and farther in until she was holding the butt end of it by her thumb and forefinger. Her body convulsed and clamped down hard upon the foreign object invading her.

"Oh, my!" Nabiki said with a loud gasp. "Oh, my, oh, my oh, me, oh, MY!"

She licked two fingers on her left hand, then used them to roll her swollen clitoris about as she gently withdrew the phallus. Her body tried to grip the phallus of its own accord as it gently glided outwards.

"Oh!" Nabiki whimpered. "That feels sooo good."

She kept rolling her clitoris about between the fingers of her left hand as she pushed the stiff, manly shaped shaft back into her greedy body and groaned again as it slid into her like a sword into a sheath.

"Faster," Nabiki said. "I want it to go faster."

Ranma's groan excited Akane in a way that she had not anticipated. She increased the speed at which she was forcing herself up and down upon his cock, delighting in the way it made him throb even harder and faster. She could feel it begin to swell again and forced herself down hard upon his crotch and ground her clitoris into his pubic arch with little circular motions of her hips. Suddenly, her abdomen spasmed in a way it never had before and a tingling sensation shot upwards from her clitoris, spreading through her body and making her nipples tingle anew as they became as hard as stone.

Ranma's dick gave a mighty pulse, and suddenly she was too slippery inside even for Ranma's fence post of a member. He did not just squirt semen into her; he was pumping it into her. One, two, then three massive pulses of seed bathed her inner walls.

"Oh, AKANE!" Ranma cried out. "I think I'm dying!"

Akane collapsed forward and pressed herself against Ranma's heaving chest. She could feel that great powerful heart of his hammering against his ribs. His faced was flushed crimson and heat poured from him as though his body had caught on fire.

"Oh, Ranma!" Akane whispered. "Oh, there's so much of it! I can feel it running back out of my body!"

She squeezed as hard she could on his slippery shaft and delighted in the feel of it slowly collapsing inside her body. His pubic curls tickled her naked labia, causing her no end of delight and she was suddenly glad that she had taken Nabiki's advice about shaving.

Ranma began kissing the base of her neck and then the sensitive spots beneath her chin, then her mouth. His kisses were fierce and possessive. Akane did not mind it all. I want to be owned by this man, she thought. Ranma was a man. He was most definitely a man. Ranma Saotome, THE man among men. The only man worthy of Akane Tendo. Akane kissed him back with all the fervor she could muster.

Nabiki stroked faster and faster until she could no longer stand it. A fire broke out in her belly, and it felt as though her clit simply exploded like a firecracker. The sensation shot upwards to her breasts, making her erect nipples tingle and yearn to be kissed. She pushed the purple penis deep into her body and held it there, gritting her teeth to keep from crying out.

"Oh...oh me...Oh, Ranma!" she whispered between throat rasping gasps. "Oh, that felt good."

She waited until the succeeding waves of pleasure stopped, and the muscles of her inner thighs quit twitching before trying to remove the phallus. The sensation of it gliding out of her body made her wish for a real man all the more.

"A real man would have pumped me full of baby-making stuff," she admonished herself, then realized that she really would not have minded that at all--at least not at the right sort of moment. She lay back and took a deep breath, knowing from how hot she felt that her face must be bright red.

"Good thing nobody is looking at me right now," Nabiki muttered. "I'd look a mess."

She took a deep breath and luxuriated in the feel of her heart slowing to something like a normal rate. Her clitoris still tingled and she resisted the urge to touch it again.

"Time to get some sleep," she whispered.

Akane lay cuddled up to Ranma's side, feeling her own body cool down with Ranma's. She had never felt so relaxed before. It was as though every muscle in her body had been transformed into fine silk. Ranma though, seemed a little tense.

"Ranma? Are you okay?"

"I think so," Ranma answered. "I'm just a little worried, that's all."

"You're worried that I might be pregnant now, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Ranma answered, "but not that I'd mind you having my baby, don't get me wrong. It's just that if you are pregnant, we won't make our schedule."

"Don't worry, Ranma. I don't think that even Oudai-san here," Akane tugged at Ranma flaccid penis as she said 'Oudai-san,' "can get me pregnant at this time of the month."


"Mmhmm," Akane said. "It's just so unlikely it isn't worth worrying about."

"Are you sure, Akane?"

"I knew this was coming, silly," Akane said. "I've been very careful to keep track and I'm as regular as a clock."

Much to Akane's amusement, Oudai-san, or "Mr. Big-big" was no longer quite so relaxed. She felt farther down on her fiance and discovered that his testicles were coming out of hiding. Ranma grunted as his penis began a rapid rise to attention.

"Did I hurt you?" Akane asked.

"Nope. That," he said indicating his stiffening erection, "wouldn't be happening if you did."

"Oh," Akane said as she gave his testicles a gentle squeeze. She noticed that his nipples were erect and kissed the nearest one.

"Where the hell have you been, anyway?" Ranma asked, sounding annoyed.

"Who are you talking to, Ranma?"


"It's Ranko, isn't it?"


"How is she? Is she okay with this, I mean?"

"Well...Ah, Will you give me a...You're not makin' any sense, Red! Akane, I...Oh!...All right already! Watch yer eyes, Akane."

Akane closed her eyes and felt, more than saw, the bright actinic flash Ranma made whenever he changed forms without water. Suddenly, she was no longer holding a pair of very masculine testicles, but was instead caressing a very excited pussy. One of Onna-Ranma's breasts was practically poking her in the eye. The nipple of it was so erect it looked painful.

"Akane that was sooo beautiful!"

"I thought so too, Ranko."

"Ooh! Thanks! I really needed that!" Ranko exclaimed as Akane slid two of her fingers inside the redhead's excited body.

Ranko was, Akane noted with amusement, very excited and very, very wet. Akane slid her fingers upward along Ranko's slot until she found her proudly erect clitoris. It was peeking out from behind its hood and Ranko's inner labia were fully distended. Ranko began bucking with her hips having reached orgasm almost as soon as Akane touched her love button.

"Oh, that felt good!"

"We sort of figured your girl-half might need some attention tonight," Akane said in an impish voice.

"We?" Ranko asked.

"Uh-huh," Akane said. "Kasumi and Nabiki talked to me about it. We decided you might be pretty excited after Ranma and I had sex."

"You were sooo right," Ranko said. "I was afraid you weren't going to be able to get started though, kiddo. It was almost painful to watch."

"Was it exciting?"

Ranko merely stared at Akane and gulped.

Akane sat up so that she was seiza before speaking again and said, "Nabiki got us a gift, for when this time came, Ranko, but I don't want to try it unless you and Ranma are both willing."

"Nabiki, huh? What sort of gift?" Ranko asked.

Akane leaned over so that she could reach the pan of hot water she had brought in earlier that evening. She slid it over close to the futons, then threw back the towel with shaking hands. She was not at all so sure she wanted to do anything like this.

"Here," Akane said, "See for yourself."

Ranko looked into the pan and gasped aloud.

"Oh, my, oh, me, oh, my!" Ranko said. "He won't let me out again for a year if we...wait...okay."

Ranko fell over backwards so that her head landed on the pillow, then closed her eyes and spread her legs. Akane giggled.

"I gather it's okay, then?"

Ranko tilted her head up and opened her eyes, "You CAN wear that thing, right?"

Akane giggled, then nodded her head.

"Good! 'Cause I feel like a world-class slut right now and Ranma's takin' a nap. Come make love to me, Akane."

Akane expected to be able to remain blase about this, but found that her hands were shaking so badly that she could hardly use them. Now it seemed as though a raging fire had broken out in her belly. A fire fanned by butterfly wings. She reached into the pan for the strap-on toy that Nabiki had so thoughtfully purchased for them. Akane felt her clitoris begin to swell as her own juices began to flow in anticipation. Ranko looked up and saw Akane's erect nipples and smiled.

"Looks like you might enjoy this as much as I will."

"I think maybe we had better wait until I can heat some water, Ranko," Akane said, hating the quaver in her voice. "The water is already cold, and this thing is liable to be uncomfortable for you."

"I can fix that, Akane," Ranko said as she sat up and crawled back over to her fiancee. Ranko placed a cupped hand on either side of the pan, then took a deep breath. After thirty seconds or so, the water began to glow pink. Occasionally, Akane could see a golden swirl in it.

"What did you just do?" Akane asked.

"I forced a little hot ki into the water," Ranko said. "It's real hard to do, and it will be a few minutes before the water warms up."

Ranko put the towel back over the pan, then said with a mischievous grin, "Meanwhile, why don't you lie down? I got something I wanna try on you!"

Akane lay down.

"Spread those pretty thighs, Akane," Ranko said.

"I'm going to remind your guy-half that you said that," Akane warned as she obediently spread her legs.

With the merry grin of a pirate gleefully stealing jewelry from a Kuno, Ranko lay belly down between Akane's legs. Akane gasped.

"You aren't really going to...Oh! Oh, me!"

Ranko licked Akane's naked labia then forced her tongue into Akane's slot as far as it would go. Then Ranko began licking at the inner rim of Akane's sex until her fiancee cried out in excitement. Still grinning, Ranko guided the tip of her tongue upwards until it snagged on the hood of Akane's clitoris. There, she stopped and began teasing Akane's distended clit with little flicks and flutters of her soft, moist tongue.

Akane began to buck, so Ranko used a little more pressure on Akane clitoris and stuck three fingers of her right hand into Akane's cunt. Akane moaned, then bucked some more.

"Oh, my!" Ranko said in an evil voice. "We really were horny, weren't we?"

Akane blushed and nodded her head, then started bucking her hips again. Ranko kissed Akane's clitoris, then began sucking on it. Akane began to wail as tears came into her eyes.

Ranko froze, then asked, "Are you okay, Akane?"

Akane nodded her head as she said, "Don't stop! Please...please, don't stop."

Ranko tongued Akane's love button. Akane had an orgasm. Ranko could feel the sudden flow of warm fluid on her fingers.

"Felt good, didn't it, baby? I love making you feel good, you know," Ranko said in an evil whisper, then went back to work on her fiancee.

Nabiki had almost gone to sleep when Onna-Ranma's voice caused her to stir. Akane's little wail of pleasure made her sit up.

"I knew this would happen," Nabiki said as she lay back down. "I'm going back to sleep now."

But, her left hand brushed against the purple penis and Nabiki had already begun to remember what it was like to fondle Onna-Ranma's breasts.

"Damn you, Saotome!" Nabiki whispered. "I'm the Ice Queen!"

Akane lay on her back panting. Ranko had kept it up until Akane begged her to stop. Ranko found the moist towels that Kasumi had wisely advised Akane to have on hand, and made good use of them. Face and hands refreshed, Ranko crawled back over to Akane and gave the dark-haired girl a deep, lingering kiss.

"Paybacks for what you did to my guy-half," Ranko whispered, then gave Akane an impish smile.

"He loved it."

"Yes, we did," Ranko said, "but we were really surprised."

"Nabiki suggested it."

"That figures."

"Kasumi agreed with her and said that it was time."


"Yes," Akane said as she sat up. "She also said your guy-half wouldn't last very long the first time."


"She was wrong though," Akane said. "You lasted long enough."

"So who's surprised?" Ranko asked. "Do you see anything else normal about me?"

"Right now," Akane said with an evil grin, "I see one very aroused redhead."

Ranko lay down, spread her legs and then said, "Aroused doesn't cover it, Akane."

"Any last words before I take your virginity?" Akane asked.


Akane waited for a moment, then asked, "Well?"


Akane giggled and made her way over to the pan. The water was quite warm and as a consequence, so was the toy. She fumbled around with the harness for a moment until it seemed she had it on correctly and looked down. She squealed.

"What?" Ranko asked.

"I can't believe I'm doing something like this."

"You don't have to if you don't want to, Akane."

"Oh, but that's just it," Akane said as she tugged at the ivory-colored toy attached to the harness she wore, "I do want to. I'm going to fuck you until you scream."

Ranko laid her head back on the pillow and arched her back. Akane watched Ranko's copper curled cunt open a little, then closed again. She positioned herself on her knees between Ranko's thighs and rubbed the smaller girl's labia with the head of the toy.

"You'll have to tell me if it's too much or anything, Ranko," Akane said. "This thing isn't like yours. It doesn't have any feelings."

Ranko responded by moving her hips so that the ivory colored tool sank a little way into her body. Akane sucked in a sharp breath as she watched the toy sink into Ranko's coppery curls. It was a very curious experience for her, knowing firsthand how it felt have a penis slide into her own body, and now watching her own tool slide into Ranko. She thrust her hips forward, pushing the toy in deeper. Ranko's outer lips curled inward tightly.

"Oh, oh...go slow, Akane...I need...a little time..."

Akane waited a moment until she could see that Ranko had relaxed a little, then thrust forward a little more. The toy, she suddenly realized, was only slightly smaller than Ranma's dick.

"Oh...ooh...that feels...a little more, Akane."

Akane thrust forward a little farther and stopped. She waited a moment, then pulled it back a little. Ranko gasped as though in pain. Akane pressed it forward again, going a little deeper than where she had stopped the last time. Ranko suddenly wrapped her legs around Akane's buttocks and squeezed, causing the toy to plunge deep into her pussy. She turned her head to the side and moaned as her face turned beet red. Akane became exceedingly excited as she watched a blush spread out around Ranko's painfully erect nipples. More and more of Ranko's porcelain skin turned pink as her powerful abdominal muscles rippled.

"Oh! Oh, I'm...I'm going!"

Akane bent over and scooped the smaller girl into her arms, then sat back up, leaving Ranko impaled upon her plastic prick. Ranko sobbed into Akane's shoulder as she hugged Akane around the neck. Akane shuddered as Ranko's hot tears splashed upon her shoulders and dribbled down her right breast, tickling her nipple before finally falling off.She kissed the base of Ranko's neck, savoring the heat pouring off the smaller girl's body.

"Are you sure you're okay, Ranko?" Akane whispered.

"It''s glorious," Ranko whispered back into Akane's right ear. "Fuck me, Akane. Fuck me hard."

A tingling sensation ran down from Akane's right ear, surged into her nipples like an electrical shock, then jangled her own pulsing clitoris. She rocked her hips back, then thrust the toy into Ranko's slippery little cunt. Ranko whimpered into Akane's right ear. This drove Akane's passion wildly out of control. She began pumping with her hips, forcing the toy in and out of Ranko's body with increasing rapidity. Their bodies began to make slapping noises at the end of every inbound stroke. Ranko would gasp and cry 'oh,' every time their pubic arches met. Akane savored the feel of Ranko's stiff nipples pressed against her own. It was then that Akane realized that the toy's harness was designed to stimulate its wearer, and that she too was nearing an orgasm.

Nabiki listened to the faint noises coming down the hall and faintly creeping into her room. She found herself pumping the plastic toy in and out of herself while visualizing Onna-Ranma crouched upon his knees between her own aching thighs. Nabiki thought of how Onna-Ranma's breasts would sway and bob as she worked her hips, bringing Nabiki pleasure. The thought was almost too much. Nabiki's knees clapped together involuntarily as a thunderclap of pleasure echoed through her cavern and radiated throughout the rest of her body. With the phallus neatly trapped in her pussy, she released it and used both hands to tweak her nipples. The pleasure intensified immeasurably. Nabiki's face reddened as she cried out, almost as though she were in great pain.

"Ho, ho, ho, hooo," Nabiki cried out. "I'm going! Oh, God I'm going!"

Things finally got to be too much for both Akane and Ranko. Akane gently lay Ranko down upon the futon, then cried out in ecstasy as she swayed her hips to extract the toy from Ranko's unwilling sex. The toy sprang upwards as the end slid out from between the smaller girl's labia, flinging little droplets of fluid into the air. Akane watched as the large muscles in Ranko's inner thigh's twitched, showing off the thickness of the mighty tendons that joined the smaller girl's muscles to her pelvis. Akane shivered. She tried to undo the harness, but this stimulated her hyper-sensitive clitoris even further, causing her abdominal muscles to spasm. Akane was forced to bend over, catching her weight by placing her left hand upon the futon.

"Oh!" Akane cried out. "I...I think I'm...I think I'm going to die!"

Ranko giggled, then sat up.

"You poor baby," Ranko said as reached behind Akane and tugged at something on the back of the harness. Much to Akane's great relief, the thing and the toy it held simply fell away.

"Velcro's great stuff, huh?" Ranko asked.

Akane looked up at Ranko's still very flushed face, realizing that her own face must look much the same and giggled. Ranko helped Akane the rest of the way out of the harness, then, with gentle but insistent hands, pulled Akane down on top of herself.

"It's time for us to have a long cuddle, Akane," Ranko said, then gave her a deep, lingering kiss. Akane slid her arms beneath the shoulders of the smaller girl, then rolled onto her side while holding Ranko close. She slid left hand down Ranko's back and caressed her powerfully muscled little bottom.

"Oh!" Ranko cried out with a whimper. "I'm...I'm going again." Ranko began greedily sucking at Akane's left breast.

" am I," Akane whispered. "So am I."

After a long time spent caressing and kissing, they became still, luxuriating in one another's warmth and taking heavenly delight in soft flesh pressed against soft flesh. Somehow, after a long time, Akane found herself lying on her left side with Ranko cuddled up to her back. Ranko purred. Akane smiled, then slept.

Nabiki's last orgasm had been so intense that she momentarily feared she had torn something inside herself. She double checked to make sure there was no blood, then clutched the purple toy between her breasts for a moment before hiding it beneath her pillow. She lay very still, waiting for her breathing to return to normal and for her heart to stop racing. The air in the room was cold, but she had fine sheen of sweat coating the whole of her body. She shivered and covered up, then caressed her tummy with the palm of her right hand. Much to her surprise, this caused her to have another little orgasm, a kind of aftershock.

"I have half a mind to clomp down the hall and crawl into bed with them," Nabiki muttered. Thinking of the look on Akane's face made her giggle. "But Akane would KILL me." Without willing it, Nabiki drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

The gentle purring at Akane's back became a deep rumbling. Akane stirred herself half-awake, then relaxed as she realized that what was now pressed against her back was the living, rippling steel of her fiance's powerful chest. His hard right hand now cupped her left breast and, yes, she could feel his massive and very erect member lying wedged between her inner thighs. Akane shivered with delight.

"Treasured one?" Ranma asked in a rumbling voice without waking.

Akane's heart raced. It's his dragon side, she thought. She drew her knees a little way towards her chest, and wriggled. Much to her excitement and delight, the head of his penis now pressed against her greedy cunt. She waited and let the excitement build. Slowly, inexorably, her natural lubrication worked its magic and Ranma began slipping slowly inside. She had to wiggle a little to get the head of his penis past her entrance, but then it glided inwards as easily and naturally as water running downhill. She clamped down hard on him, then arched her back, causing her cunt to slide upwards along his thick shaft. She hesitated, pulling at the resistance of its head when it hung in her entrance, then she straightened her back and greedily forced herself down the length of Ranma's manhood.

Akane's breath quickened as her nipples stiffened. Ranma pressed her to his chest, then took over. He took his time, sliding slowly in and out of her, causing her to feel one slow wave of pleasure after another. The orgasms came upon her without warning. They came slowly and lasted a long time. One came right after another. Sometimes arriving in time with his strokes and sometimes not. He quickened the pace a little and Akane knew why. His penis had gone from throbbing to pounding. Soon, it was all but vibrating and she could feel a strange energy pouring out of Ranma and into her body. She began to buck, realizing that he would not last much longer. Suddenly, Ranma jammed himself deep into her cunt, pressing the head of his heavy dick against the roof of her vagina. His prick spasmed and Akane felt the slippery fluid of life once again roll around inside her quivering body. Her abdominal muscles rippled with wave after wave of spasms. She cried out as Ranma gave forth with a deep, rumbling purr that was almost frightening.

"I love you, Akane," Ranma said. "You are my treasure."

Akane wept herself to sleep with tears of joy as Ranma held her close beneath their heavy quilts.

"And you are mine, my dragon," Akane murmured as she drifted off into a deeper sleep.

Ranma rumbled gently against her back.

End of Chapter 13 Part b
Copyright © Don Granberry