The MPEG file format has no index or length information embedded. This makes it impossible to know the playing time of the file.

This program will scan a MPEG file and count the number of GOPs and frames. When combined with another tool which reports framerate information, like mpginfo, the exact playing time can be calculated.


usage: mpglen [-a] [-c size] [-d] [-e] [-f] [-g] [-h] [-p] [-t] file [file] ...
-a          show n total for all files processed as "Total #frames #GOPs\n".
-c size     process file(s) in chunks of <size> Mb. (Default 4)
-d          emit debugging messages on stderr.
-e          easily parseable output "#frames #GOPs filename\n".
-f          only print "#frames\n".
-g          only print "#GOPs\n".
-p          emit progress report as each chunk is processed.
-t          terse output, only prints "#frames #GOPs\n".
-h          show this usage message.
Setting -d as the first argument will show argument parsing, too.
If you use -s, the exit code will report success(0) or failure(-1)
Exit codes: 0=Success  -1=Parse error  -2=m[un]map error  -3=Other
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