General Description

TP6911The TP6911 from Tenx Technology is an 8-bit micro-controller embedded device tailored to the USB audio and USB Keyboard application. It's able to play two channels PC Audio and record one channel voice through Full-Speed USB bus.


  • Compliance with the Universal Serial Bus specification V2.0 Full-Speed
  • Built-in USB Transceiver and 3.3V regulator
  • Isochronous transfer with adaptive synchronization
  • High performance 48KHz sampling rate for audio playback
  • 24KHz sampling rate for voice recording
  • Two channel audio Class-D Amplify for speaker driving
  • 64-level volume control , VR adjustment available
  • Embedded 10 bits ADC input
  • USB Keyboard interface
  • Support USB Suspend function
  • 12 MHz crystal oscillation
  • 28 / 48 pin package

Data Sheet

:hw:tp6911_ds-v10.pdf USB Audio with MIC - TP6911 DATA SHEET

Application Notes

:hw:tp6911_ap-01ev10.pdf USB Audio with MIC - TP6911 USB Speaker Application Note

:hw:tp6911_ap-02ev10.pdf USB Audio with MIC - TP6911 USB PHONE Application Note

:hw:tp6911_ap-03ev10.pdf USB Audio with MIC - TP6911 Earphone and Microphone Application Note

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