REX-14SP Power Hacksaw

:ws:rex16sp.jpg I've been wanting a power hacksaw for a few years now, but they're rather rare on the secondhand market and no-one imports them anymore. In late 2007, I bought a couple of heavy starter motors on eBay on behalf of my Uncle Allan. When we went to pick them up, there one was, sitting half hidden in the grass beside the seller's shed. Overhearing my exasperated comment to my Father that everyone seemed to have one but me, he mentioned that it was also being sold off and told me to make an offer. Well, a short haggle later - he didn't want much, I was willing to pay more than he wanted - I handed over $150 and we loaded it up.

It's branded “Macraft”, but that was just the importer's label. Some more googling found the Taiwanese manufacturer, Maycho Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Cutting Capacity■ 4.9“ x 6.7”
125mm x 170mm
● 6.7“
Saw Blade14” x 1“ x 0.049”
350mm x 25mm x 1.25mm
Strokes per Minute60 and 80
Stroke Length90mm to 150mm
Coolant Tank Capacity2 Litre
Dimensions (LxWxH)34.5“ x 13” x 25.6“
875mm x 330mm x 650mm
Net Weight200LBS
Miter Angle60°
Packing (1 Set)10.5 cu. ft Maycho Enterprise Co Ltd

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