3HP Buzacott


These engines were made by a series of companies in Rosebery, Sydney. There were several “Rosebery” engines, including an older finned cylinder vertical, a horizontal hopper style (sometime branded “Champion”), and several variations of the vertical tank and hopper cooled type in 2, 3, 4 and 6 horsepower.

Steam & Engine of Australia has several articles on the Rosebery engines, plus some instructions and restorations.


14/05/2007 Purchase and first steps.

21/05/2007 Fueltank, intake and head.

27/05/2007 The head continues…

10/06/2007 …and continues…



For a short period Westinghouse Rosebery Pty Ltd was owned by Email Limited, part of Smorgon Steel Group Ltd, and was 100% disposed of on 23 February 2001 for $413000. It appears it may have been acquired sometime earlier that same financial year.

Westinghouse Rosebery Pty. Ltd.
Dunning Avenue, Waterloo
N.S.W. Australia
ACN 000 013 721
ABN 69 000 013 721

Related and prior company names include:

W.S. Buzacott & Co.

Buzacott & Co.

Henry Lane (Australia) Ltd.

Rosebery Lanolines Pty Ltd.

Rosebery Engine Works Ltd.

Buzacotts (Queensland) Ltd.

Buzacott-Wolseley Ltd.

Email Ltd.

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