3HP Buzacott Restoration


Original condition front viewI bought the engine from Ian H. in Toowoomba, Queensland. The engine appears to be in good condition and is nearly complete, with only the dipstick and auxiliary fuel cup cover missing. Ian had some covers cast at a local foundry, and was able to supply me with one. The flywheel does not turn, so something is stuck. Ian tells me it has been run, and a clean out of the cylinder and head should free it up.

Original condition left view Original condition left view looking up


Original condition hopper with extra rustArrived back home and have the engine set up in the garage on a table made from two 20 gallon drums and a piece of tabletop. The head nuts are very rusted, so taking the hopper off will be a long process of soaking and trying. Unfortunately, the hopper opening is fairly small, so only two of the six nuts are directly accessible with a socket and extension bar - the other two need the use of a universal joint on the socket.

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