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            <li>|Villiers Mark 10|E:V1:Villiers Mark 10|</li>             <li>|Villiers Mark 10|E:V1:Villiers Mark 10|</li>
            <li>|Southern Cross J|E:SC1:Southern Cross Mark J|</li>             <li>|Southern Cross J|E:SC1:Southern Cross Mark J|</li>
-            <li>|McDonald Super-Diesel FF|E:MS1:McDonald Super-Diesel FF|</li> +            <li>|Super-Diesel FF|E:MS1:McDonald Super-Diesel FF|</li> 
-            <li>|McDonald Super-Diesel C|E:MS2:McDonald Super-Diesel C|</li>+            <li>|Super-Diesel C|E:MS2:McDonald Super-Diesel C|</li>
        </ul>         </ul>
        </li>         </li>
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