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 +====== Google Offset ======
 +This page demonstraits the offset between Google'​s satellite images and road maps. I have taken GPS waypoints in the centre((Yes,​ I was careful and looked both ways.)) of each road, and made each into a marker. As you can see, the road maps are accurate, but the satellite images are displaced in both coordinate directions.
 +<​googlemap width="​500px"​ height="​400px"​ zoom="​18"​ type="​hybrid"​ lat="​-19.2675"​ lon="​146.8055"​ >
 +-19.266500,​146.805056,​Greenslade St
 +-19.267194,​146.804972,​Greenslade St
 +-19.268111,​146.804861,​Cnr Greenslade St and Obrien St
 +-19.268056,​146.804278,​Cnr Obrien St and Wilson St
 +-19.268389,​146.804833,​Sturt St
 +-19.267889,​146.805667,​Sturt St
 +-19.267611,​146.806139,​Sturt St
 +-19.267639,​146.806500,​Morris St
 +-19.268333,​146.807278,​Flinders St
 +-19.268833,​146.805472,​Ingham Rd
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